Waiting for the nextTransport  

... meanwhile part of the group is still waiting for the next boat.

  Landing .....  

The HEAVY stuff is arriving on the Island
(in the background you see our ship)

We installed ourselves at the East side of the island at 10 56.69' N / 65 13.7' W. (See the map on the previous page).

We found some very useful bamboo huts, constructed by some fishermen. This was a welcomed source for the so much needed shadow.

Several generators for our electricity were installed at different places and we began to set up our antennas.

By the way, the ship left us and we were picked up for our return by another Navy-vessel.

  3 el Yagi  
YV5IVB (assisted by YV5IQH) is assembling a 3-el Yagi for SSB-operation

In the background left you see our famous sea-food-kitchen and the
SSB Headquarters


YV5AMH (left) directing the crash his own BRAND-NEW vertical antenna.

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