After a long journey of 15 hours by car and ship, we finally arrived at our destiny. But the day was not over yet.

We had several choices of different places for our stay on the island. So Ramón (YV5EED) made an exploring tour and decided to stay at the place, you will see on the pictures.

I am sure, you will agree, it was a WISE decision.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the following 7 pages.


Jig (AD6TF) assisted by an islander assembles a vertical antenna.

In the darkness we began to install the first antennas to be able to start our operation as soon as possible.

This is my first view of our location in the morning of the next day:


This is a General View of the location of YW1T

Now you can see, what kind of antennas we were using ....

We got very good reports from all over the world. So they worked really good.


The SSB-Headquarter in the background