YW5PI    2012


A  nice space left by the Britons for one of our generators :-)
  At night  
  Higain Tape Antenna  
A very practical Steel-Tape-Multiband-Dipole in a palm-tree.
Gun maintenance ...    
  Pointing Europe  
This is the direction towards Europe and Asia. The mountain is snatching us a lot of dB's ...
160m antenna  
Part of our 160m antenna is built into the water..
The wires of the antenna traversed the bay from east to west.
2 m antenna     
Assembly of our 2m-antenna    This is the antenna direction USA (west) and Japan.
  Assisted operation   
YV5EED the 1st time on the air on the evening of April 20, using assisted log-keeping as he still cannot see.
This is our QTH with the view into north.(Antenna direction east coast USA and Canada)
  YW5PI QTH from above  
This is the view of our location from above. Only one person climbed up there to take this pictures.
This is  the narrow gap to the south (photo taken from the same place as the two previous above).
Africa, Asia, Australia, North-America and Europe unfortunately are located behind the mountains.
The only open narrow gap (into the south, 8°) from YW5PI offered good propagations the eastern part of South-America.


YW5PI in the evening 
  Pato & Lighthouse  
Our Location (on the left) and the lighthouse of Pato Island (on the top)
  Our private beach  
A refreshing swim in our not so beautiful beach :-)
  The northern coast of Pato Island  
This picture shows the northern part of the island, which is not accessible by boat.
  Pato as seen from Trinidad 9y4   
The northern coast of Pato Island seen from Trinidad (Chacachacare Island)  © Puna
Taking a trip around the Island and watching carefully, a lot of testimonials of the British military installations of WWII can still be seen. They are covered mostly by jungle, but observing carefully, you see even submarine-installations in the rocks. Some of them are closed by concrete.

Northern Pato Island


Northern Pato Island

Northern Pato Island.
  Northern Pato Island  
  Eastern Pato Island  
This is the eastern tip of Pato Island.
Before we started our expedition we had the illusion to find a location on the eastern tip of the island. Based on satellite images, we imagined to find there a small beach, which would have been a basis for good signals to the U.S., Europe and Japan. Unfortunately, the reality was a very different.

So we had no choice but to seek out the "radio hole" on the south-coast.

Afterwards we can say that our expedition was still more successful than we initially feared.

The number of QSO 's was beyond our expectations.

Even some Japanese stations we have in our log


Pato Island
The bay of YW5PI was only 30m wide. This is the ONLY access possible by boat to the island.
The eastern tip is at the right.


We are ready to leave 
Preparing for our departure in the morning of April 23, 2012
  Eaiting for the return   
The 1st boat is arriving to pick us up ...