YW5X    2013
  CW QTH  
After our arrival we checked the area where we could install our antennas.
The CW-area, from where I was active, was located at the southern part of the base.
  our stations  
The SSB FM location (10m, 6m and 2m) was 1300 m away from our CW-camp and caused no interference, but the digital and CW operation on the same band was sometimes very problematic. The interference between the other SSB-Location (less distant then the digital) and CW was existent, but manageable !
The SSB FM location on top of a hill was about 70m above sea-level. The only way to get there was by car. The OP's worked from the inside of the containers of the cellular-phone transmitters, which cover the Caribbean Sea around Orchila Island. The view from up there was great as you see on the pictures.
The activities from there were on 28, 50 and 144 MHz.

Our digital operations were made from the VERY COMFORTABLE sleeping area, including air-condition :-)

Our SSB operations were made from 2 locations at the navy base command.

Finally our CW-QTH was at the southern part of the base, with only a roof, and not very comfortable. After midnight until sunrise we got under attack by thirsty mosquitoes.
  antenna building  
It was extremely hot at noon .       
  working in the heat  
Observing the shadow, you can see, the sun is just above us at this time of the year.     
antenna building   antenna building
Station YV5EU    YV5IUA 
My station   YV5IUA
YV2IF our senior, 160m / 80m OP and our antenna guru.  
  CW Location of YW5X  
The CW and 160m location of YW5X  (OP here: YV5OK)
  Part of the CW antennas   
Part of our CW antennas. You see the communications tower in the background. .  (SSB / FM).