About 1 hour after arriving at the navy-base we started our adventure.

It was very windy and the waves were very high as I never saw before in the Caribbean Sea.
The result you can see on the following picture :-)


The rocking sea and its sequels ...


After 4 hours voyage at high wind-force we approached the south-island of the "Los Monjes" archipelago.

A tremendous grey rock stick out the blue water and at its summit we saw the already mentioned lighthouse.


The main-island and furthermore another rock at the horizon.


A small bay with some wharfs, where ships can tie up.


Shortly after our arrival
(Some of us are very happy to step again on stable ground)

After the greeting-ceremony and unloading our equipments we climbed the island's summit where the lighthouse is located. (250 feet above sea level)

Of course we all were very interested to see, how our residence area of the following days looks like.
The Island is not a real "beauty", but it looks very unique.

The island has no vegetation at all. You see only rocks and stones.

Except sea-birds, crabs and a dog, there are no animals on the island (not even mosquitoes !).



The light-house in the final stage of it's construction was inaugurated 2 days later..


This is the historical lighthouse, which has been replaced by the left one.


In the mist you see another distant member of the archipelago.



After the descent we began to install our radio-equipments.

As usual, our locations for phone and CW were separated.
Our CW-equipment we installed ad the main building (a covered terrace), and the phone-people uses an unused lodging about 350 feet away.

On the following morning the VHF-equipment was installed at the lighthouse.


AD6TF and YV6BTF talking just before we began antenna-works.