From El Tirano we are approaching Los Frailes:
Arriving at our destiny.
Some huts, used by fishermen.
We already knew in advance, that our location would be quite unfavorable as a good DX-location, but it was even worse then we expected. The only accessible beach is located in a small bay with mountains which cover the horizon from north-west to south. So we had a high wall in front of us which covered east coast-USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The STONY beach is less then 30 feet deep and just behind begins the foot of the mountains.

There is even not enough space to install tents. Anyhow at that "beach" some fishermen had built some huts as shelter for their equipment. The island has no population because no water is available.

As often before, also on this expedition we met EXTREMELY POLITE fishermen on the island. They are really a very special kind of people. They helped us to carry our equipments, shared their facilities with us and offered more food as we possible could eat. Day and night someone was preparing delicious fish and invited us to join them.

So, first we need some antennas:


The island has extreme high temperatures. So fatigue was present after a short time. I NEVER drunk so much water in such quantities. Probably daily 1.5 gallons :-)
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