Our boat was a so called peñero. This is a typical Venezuelan fisher-boat. Mostly it is wooden, but some modern boats are made of fiberglass. Our boat was the fiberglass-version, which I don't like too much.
Two powerful out-borders supplied the necessary push. We also pulled a small aluminum-boat for our landing maneuver.
The peñero was not suitable to get to the rock. Surely it would have crashed if hit there.

When we arrived at our landing-place, 2 colleagues jumped into the water and swam to the rock. They had no problem to climb it, BUT the had to be very careful.
Both confirmed from "above" the we were at the best place to start our landing. 


During the exploration of the rock, both had to be careful with the nests on the ground. The bird's parents were not very delighted by the visitors.

Emerich und Victor  

YV5OBU (l) and YV5IQJ exploring the rock.

I can't put a video here, but if you observe the water-levels of the following 2 pictures, you clearly understand our problem:

  high water level  
  low water level  
 Both pictures above were taken within a few moments.