Assembly of our 50 MHz antenna (4-el) YV5EED
  Ready to start on 50 MHz

(in the background between the trees you see the lagoon which is mentioned later on)

YV5EED preparing a radio-shack  
YV5EED in action in his just finished shack

I had the luck to operate from that observation-tower.

On the above pictures you see part of our antennas.

Finally we began our activities. Our fist contact was made on 21 MHz at 15:50 UTC , July 21 2001.

We were 5 operators:

Initially we started without an official IOTA-number but after some hours of activities we got from England by radio the number SA-89.

As antennas we used several verticals, a multi-band sloper, a dipole and a 4-el Yagi for 6m. A very interesting antenna was a (commercial made) vertical dipole, with band-switching by a remote-control.

We operated with all kind of radios, not always the best fit for an expedition, because we use no sponsors. There is always a risk for us to loose our own expensive radios we are using normally from home.