Aves Island is a very remote place, located about 700 km north of the South American continent, but it has an impressive fauna.

A lot of birds are breeding here or resting during their annual migrations between North- and South-America.

Giant green sea-turtles come here from far away and leave their eggs here at night.
The island's animals are observed and protected by FUDENA biologists, who a stationed here in one month shift.

Aves is also a VERY DANGEROUS place during the hurricane season, and it is often totally flooded. As a shelter a hurricane-resistant module has been constructed to protect a small crew, which is living on the island. 

On the following pages you will see some pictures, I was able to shoot here:

  Southern tip  
  Resting birds ...  
  Snorkling in front of Aves  
  Coral-reef at the northeast shore.  
  Fishing birds ....